Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How Can We Be Safe While Travelling Alone ?

Are you planning to travel solo? Then there are some safety tips to follow while you are travelling alone. Nowadays travelling has become a hobby for most of the youngsters without any gender discrimination.

Actually, Travelling and exploring the world is the best thing one can treasure for his entire life. Each experience will be unique and the persons we meet during our journey and the places we pass through everything will create a great impact on one's life. 

First and foremost thing that we have to take care of is our safety itself. When we travel together little carelessness will not matter a lot but if you are alone it can put you in much trouble. So take your common sense with you and make your safety first priority.

Make sure you follow this practical tips when you travel alone;

1. Do research about your destination

When you are travelling to a new place we should understand their mode of public transportation, little information regarding their culture, especially with regards to dress.

2. Regularly let people know where you are going -including friends and family.

When you travel alone to a hill station or wilderness always let someone know which is your route and your expected time of return. Always stick to the route and time as per your information. 

3. Always keep your money, Credit cards and passport in separate places.

Never ever keep all your money sources together. Keep some money and credit cards in your wallet and additional money and cards in a secret pouch. When you are travelling out of your hotel room for sightseeing always carry a photocopy of the passport with you and keeping the original documents safe and locked in the room. It's better to also keep a copy of the data with someone at home.

4. Try to always stay connected with your family members/ friends.

If you are planning an international trip make sure your mobile phone has roaming capabilities or else rent a phone or buy international sim cards.

5. Avoid travelling especially after dark; let safety first.

Know the local numbers to call for emergencies.

6. Ensure that place you stay is safe.

Always lock the door when you are in the room, with the security chain fastened.

7. Always stay fit and healthy

Drink clean water. Eat healthy and fresh food. Avoid junk food and fast food. Avoid mosquito bites. Always carry hand sanitizer.

8. Bring an extra supply of prescription medications and an extra prescription note if you are taking any kind of medication.

9. Don't let yourself get so distracted by sounds and sights outside.

While you are busy capturing the photos and videos don't forget to keep an eye on what's happening around your surroundings.

10. Above all use your common sense and plan accordingly.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Interesting Facts About Kochi (Cochin), Kerala

Kochi is popularly recognized as the financial/ economic capital of the state Kerala which is also known as traveller's paradise. Kochi features a tropical monsoon climate because of its geographical features. Kochi's proximity to the equator along with its coastal location effects in little seasonal temperature variation, with moderate to high levels of humidity. The availability of good transport infrastructure also adds significant importance to the city’s economy.

When you travel a trip to Kerala the names Kochi and Cochin itself can create little confusion. If you are having the same doubt don't worry because both Kochi and Cochin are same. The only difference is that the name Cochin was widely used by Britishers and Kochi is used by Keralites since it is being declared as the official name after 90's. However, most of the travellers and many people who live there use Cochin. 
Here are some fun facts about Kochi or Cochin that you may find interesting.
Kochi, Japan

There is another city in Japan with the same name – KOCHI. There is a partnership between Kochi in India and Kochi in Japan for cultural exchange.

    Kochi, India
Ernakulam is the name of the district in which Kochi, the seaport in Kerala state is located. This place is known and called as Kochi or Ernakulam commonly.

Kochi Marine Drive
Marine Drive is a picturesque promenade in the city of Kochi, Kerala, India. It is built facing the backwaters and is a popular hangout for the local populace. Ironic to its name, no vehicles are allowed on the walkway.

Kochi International Airport
Cochin International Airport is 28 Kms North East of Cochin and is located outside the main city.Located in the southern state of Kerala, Cochin is now the first airport in the world to run completely on solar power.
Kochi Fishing Net

Fort Kochi is the heritage area in Kochi and Kochi was a fishing village in the Kingdom of Kochi in the pre-colonial Kerala. The territory that would be later known as Fort Kochi was granted to the Portuguese in 1503 by the Rajah of Kochi.

Ernakulam Railway Station

If you want to come to Kochi by train then you need to alight at North or South. Among Kochites, this station is referred to as “Ernakulam North” or simply “North” as it is in the Northern part of Kochi, to distinguish it from  Ernakulam Junctions which in turn is referred to as (and was officially called for a long time as) “Ernakulam South” or simply “South”. These railway stations are among the railway station nearest to Munnar.

    Kochi Metro
    Kochi, the most popular tourist spot in the country can boast about the fact that metro's first phase construction was completed in record time.
Kaloor Bus Stand
Kochi has a very fast and efficient bus transport system mainly dominated by private operators, known as Red-Buses. For transport within the city, buses and taxis are available throughout the day. The most common on-street hire option is auto rickshaws autos, which are economical.
    Tourist Taxi Services in Cochin
    Most of the on-street taxi's are White in colour with yellow plates without any taxi sign on top.
    Kochi Shopping
    Kochi has the fame as a bargain-hunters’ Eden, though in price terms many items in Kochi can be affordable and can be purchased with more products if you know how to bargain and where to bargain. Shopping in Kochi is truly an enjoyable experience.
    Kochi is among the best cities in Kerala to start a holiday in Kerala and all the major tourist destinations like  Alleppey, Thekkady,

     Athirappilly etc are in and around Kochi.

    Enjoy your trip to Kochi !!